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6th-Jun-2006 05:41 pm - Why is Nose-in here?
homid, questioning
Hey everyone!

I'm glad to be able to play Nose-In-Something again, but I am having some trouble figuring out an in-game reason why he would be with the other weres. The reason for him going to Japan was simple: to represent the fae's interests, and to get him out of the wolves hair!

Going to Hawaii is a different matter all together. I do have a few ideas, but I'm not sure which would work best, and I'm open to more suggestions.

First, Nose-in and David (his friend and an artist) could have won first prize in a manga making contest. First prize being a trip to Hawaii.
Second, the fae of Western Canada could have sponsored Nose-in's participation for their own reasons. (ie, keep an eye on things, represent their interests, warn them if a major battle between the weres is likely to happen again, etc)
Third, the wolves of Western Canada still don't want him around, and sponcered his participation. Or they feel he's one of the best to participate, given that he's lived in Japan for a year.
Fourth, Nose-in was encouraged to apply to this by the teachers at his school in Japan.

Any other ideas?
30th-Sep-2005 05:44 pm - In his room, Sept 28th
homid, questioning
Noah had been chatting on his computer chatting with a friend, using a head-set for the last half hour. Towards the end of it, he stopped grinning.

"...Ya. ... Yep. ... But that's not how the story goes. ... Well what would be the point in changing it? ... ... ... But it's wrong. ... Well, what if you drew something that looked like Brings Grim Tidings in the background? That way the reader will know that the two are connected? ... Cool. ... Ok. ... Ya. I need to do homework now, but I will send the next page the day after tomorrow. I will talk to you later? ... " Nose-in grinned. "You too. Bye!"

With that, Nose-in closed his computer, and opened up his work-book. He tapped the book a few times with his pen before actually writing anything. Then he got to work.

Soon, there was a good pile of paper crumpled up on the floor.
10th-Sep-2005 01:29 am - In his room
homid, questioning
Nose-in-something LOVED Japan! He had already seen cute school girls, the air port, a movie with sword-fighting in it, ate some chicken that someone left on the ground, and listened to a lot of people talking in Japaneese. And now, he was where he was going to live for the next year.

How do you let other people know that something belongs to you again? he wondered. You don't mark it with water. I got into trouble the last time I did that... Oh ya. You put your stuff in it.

Nose-in then promptly put his stuff all over the room: clothing folded neatly at the base of the tatami mat, a small radio on the other side of the room, his laptop and cables where a pillow should be, a picture of Gaia drawn by David (even though he calls her Danu) went up on a wall with tape, and his other posessions (including numberous mechanical puzzles, drawing equipment, a dog collar and licence, and a lot of DVD's) went where ever they would fit. Everything of Nose-in-something's was spread out, but neat and easy to reach or move, if needs be.
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